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Sapphire Montessori Academia Preschool Licensed program has been based upon the Montessori Method, which encourages each child’s unique development. Our Montessori classroom setting is in an elementary school. Sapphire Montessori Academia provide children with a strong academic foundation based on Montessori philosophy where children’s intellectual abilities and self-esteem will grow and flourish through our enriched program.Their imagination and curiosities will be refined, their thinking skills will become superior and they will learn to respect others and themselves.

Our Vision is to prepare children for subsequent steps of development and learning which include -:

to develop strong academic learning with a focus on reading, writing and math.

to become independent and acquire good social and interpersonal skills

to grow and develop their motor skills

to express themselves in all aspects of language

to develop their own identity, their self confidence, their self esteem and solve conflicts

to develop a love for learning and to realize that learning is fun

Why choose a Montessori education?

Why enroll your child into a Montessori preschool?

What I need to know that will help me fully understand this fascinating approach to learning?

For over 100 years , the Montessori approach has educated generations of children all around the world. Dr Maria Montessori,the creator of the Montessori approach to education, was a keen observer of children and how they learn. Her method and conclusions were ahead of her time, but, within the context of today’s enlightened educational approach,they are at the cutting edge of where education is heading.

” The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to age six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement is being formed. At no other age has the child great need of an intelligent help and any obstacle that impedes his creative work will lessen the chance he has of achieving perfection”
“The Absorbent Mind” Dr Montessori.

“Children who thrive in primary school and whose pathways are set for later academic success are those who enter grade 1 with strong oral communication skills are confident,able to make friends,are persistent and creative in completing tasks and solve problems and excited to learn”

If you are looking for a stimulating and educational program for your preschooler, do complete the form to book an appointment for a tour and more information of our school. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Sapphire Montessori Academia.


The essence of Montessori education is that every child is treated with respect, given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment, and allowed to develop naturally at his or her own pace.

Montessori Education Theory


In the Montessori classroom the children choose from a wide range of self-educating.

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What does Montessori mean?​

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Education for Life

Montessori Best Montessori School

Learning is fun

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Progress Reports

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Specially Designed Materials

Montessori Education Practices


The classroom have a variety of developmentally appropriate materials arranged by activity centers.

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Practical Life - Fine Motor and Gross Motor Development

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Language - Reading and Writing -Literacy involves encouraging children to link sounds and letters and begin to read and write.

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Mathematics - Number sense, patterning, Geometry and Measurement.

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Sensorial - Refinement of the Five Senses

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Culture - Science and Social Studies

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Art and Music - Study of Colours, Creative Projects, Crafts and Music and Movement.


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