In our Montessori preschool, the children learn these skills as well as covering a whole range of academic subjects. At Sapphire Montessori , the teachers work closely with learning materials developed by Maria Montessori to help children learn in a more creative and positive way. We follow the needs of the individual child, carefully recording their progression. We set expectations of appropriate behaviour based on respect for people and property.

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Montessori Best Montessori School

Young children learn best through their interactions with their environment, by exploring, experimenting, touching, building, and doing things by and for themselves. We give the children as much sensorial experiences as possible – education through the senses.

Montessori Best Montessori School

All learning is hands-on and experiential, with specially designed Montessori materials for math, language, practical life activities, art, science, geography and history.

Montessori Best Montessori School

The students are encouraged to explore, make discoveries, and use their imagination, with as much freedom as possible in the classroom.

Montessori Best Montessori School

Classroom activities prepare the children for subsequent or concurrent work in mathematics, reading, writing, collaboration and socialization.

Montessori Best Montessori School

Montessori work helps children develop strong observation and problem-solving skills.

Montessori Best Montessori School

Use of hands-on materials allows children to begin to move from concrete concepts to abstract through manipulation, experimentation and invention.

At Sapphire Montessori , qualified staff encourages children to develop independence, co-ordination and motor skills through the Montessori exercises for practical life. Children also refine their five senses using sensorial apparatus.

The children are introduced to mathematics, reading and writing activities at an early age so we can help them to develop these skills throughout the period they are here with us. They are also given an introduction to geography, history and science. We include Music and Art to encourage the children to express themselves. 

Sapphire Montessori reading program comprises both a phonetic approach, as well as, whole language. As soon as a child can recognize certain phonetic sounds, letters are placed together to form words. Then words become sentences, and sentences form stories. To facilitate development in these areas, as soon as a child is ready, they are introduced to big books, felt stories, poetry and creative writing.

The goals of a Montessori education are preparation for life and love of learning. Such an education focuses on encouraging the child’s natural desire for learning and finding order in his or her world. Dr. Montessori also discovered that in a properly prepared environment the child spontaneously explores learning with the tools of inner discipline and outer freedom. The child prefers work to play, shows long and sustained concentration and develops a social life based on mutual helpfulness.


Specific goals for the children who attend Sapphire Montessori:

Montessori Best Montessori School

Develop a positive attitude towards school and learning

Montessori Best Montessori School

Develop a sense of high self-esteem

Montessori Best Montessori School

Build Habit of Concentration for lifelong Study Skills

Montessori Best Montessori School

Develop and foster an abiding curiosity

Montessori Best Montessori School

Develop habits of initiative and persistence

Best Montessori School


The staff and teachers at Sapphire Montessori  have extensive experience in the Montessori field. Our teachers are fully trained, qualified and licensed. All our teachers are ECE certified and possess valid First Aid Child Safe Certificates.


Our school is located inside Chalmers elementary school. Catering to children ages 2.5 to 5 years. 
Our school offers morning and afternoon Montessori program Monday through Friday.

Government Subsidy

The Province of BC offers a Affordable Childcare Benefit to assist eligible families for both preschool and Out of school care. Monthly subsidy payments vary depending on your family’s circumstances. You may be eligible to receive full or partial subsidy based on your family’s circumstances. For more information, please visit the BC Government’s website https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/family-social-supports/caring-for-young-children/child-care-funding/child-care-benefit


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